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Introduction to Digital Media

Below is the CU Denver Digitize Instagram page I created for the Introduction to Digital Media course to share student work with the world. The Instagram page highlights a collection of undergraduate student work generated in the course ARCH 3801 - Digital Media starting fall 2016. Students designed and 3D printed  lamp shades, which provided them with the opportunity to learn complex, geometric modeling techniques using various design languages such as tessellating, contouring and folding. In addition to 3D printing the lamp shade, students visually depicted their design process by producing a one-minute video to highlight their concept renderings, a 360-degree animation, and photos and videos of their physical model.

Vigil-Roach, Steven. “CU DENVER TODAY” Students shed light on 3D design. August 28, 2017.     

CU Denver Digitize - Instagram Feed - Fall 2016 to current - @cudenverdigitize


The 3D printed models by undergraduate architecture students in the ARCH 3801 Digital Media course taught by Graduate Part-time Instructor and PhD student Maria Delgado were featured in Formlabs News on December 19. Read the article “Innovate & Educate Challenge Draws 3D Printing Lesson Plans From Across the Country.”
Pictured: 3D printed sunshade structures

Below students create a portfolio of your self-generated architecture work. Media is a means to mass communicate. This digital, self-expressed portfolio is relevant to your personal and professional goals because it is an avenue where you can communicate to graduate schools and in job interviews, your highest level of digital final presentation drawings to represent your design process and creative nature. The major topic of this course is to develop a digital collection of work through the means of a portfolio. The college encourages this portfolio act as a “living document” for you to update throughout your architecture student design career.

Portfolio Project
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