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International Design Build

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture students who participated in the International Design Build: Building Education in Nicaragua course during Winterim 2015, 2016 and 2017 immersed themselves in community development by working with local materials and techniques, engaging in a varied scope of work, and learning about the local culture. They collaborated as a team, alongside the community, identifying design and construction solutions in a real world context to enhance town resource. These projects are a true, positive collaboration among the Nicaraguan people and the CU Denver students. Come and see their work in this exhibit and read more on the course blog site:

The International Design Build course represents a unique methodology for the delivery of project-based service learning education to architecture and design students at CU Denver. It provides students with the opportunity to understand the context of another culture, political environment, construction limitations, and the educational needs in a Central American setting. The course activities integrate multiple disciplines such as engineering, anthropology, and business into a service learning project that employs an architectural way of thinking to collaboratively deliver a physical object.

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Nicaragua Study Abroad - 2015/2016
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Nicaragua Study Abroad - 2016/2017

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