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Project Highlights

50K History Colorado Grant 

In December 2023, our team was awarded a $50,000 grant from History Colorado. This grant will support the expansion of CSU's Architecture Virtual Library to document main streets, thereby showcasing architectural history education in Colorado classrooms. The project is scheduled to commence in the summer of 2024 for a one-year cycle.

CSU Tiny House

For five years, I co-taught the CSU Tiny House class. Students participate in a biannual schedule, engaging in the design and construction of a tiny house on wheels. Through 3D modeling and virtual reality, they communicate their designs, while gaining hands-on experience in construction methods. The completed homes are sold to the public, with proceeds supporting future projects.

Workload Equity Task Force

As a member of CSU's university-level Workload Equity Task Force, established in spring 2022, our team, including representatives from Faculty Success, the Provost’s Office, and more, is dedicated to ensuring workload equity at CSU. Our objectives include establishing a sustainable structure for assessing workload equity, enhancing transparency, implementing strategies to address inequities, and informing equitable budget models.

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